2nd Factor Authentication Preferences

This survey is to gather input into your preferences for using 2nd factor authentication, also known as multi factor authentication or strong authentication. Input from the survey will be used to enhance the usability of the current 2nd factor system. 

2nd factor authentication will increasingly be required for access to highly sensitive systems, see this Bulletin Article for further details. More information can be found on the Computer Security Website and in the Auth Service Documentation

I am using 2nd factor authentication with the new Single-Sign-On
Please let us know whether it was complicated/straight-forward
Please let us know if there is any reason why you're not using 2nd factor authentication yet

I would prefer to use 2nd factor authentication...
Once enabling for my account I would use a 2nd factor every time I log in, including on websites and for terminal access. My Single-Sign-On session would remain valid for 12 hours, meaning that I would only need to log in with 2FA infrequently for website access.
I would use a 2nd factor only when required to access an application, for example for a service or machine requiring heightened security (e.g. for financial processes or computing infrastructure administration). For websites this requires logging out of Single-Sign-On and re-authenticating with a 2nd factor.

I would prefer to use...
An app on my smartphone that generates one time passwords
A hardware token that is inserted into my USB drive and tapped to generate one time codes
There are an increasing number of physical token generators on the market that support the WebAuthn security protocol, such as fingerprint readers

Please let us know if your functions include privileges that may require heightened security and the use of 2nd factor authentication e.g. computing infrastructure administration or the computer security team
I work in the following department...